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We aim to:

  • Provide a welcoming, happy, secure learning environment while, at the same time, giving all children stimulating, challenging and equal educational experiences. Our children should learn effectively and become empowered to communicate clearly and confidently;

  • Educate children from all faiths, and none, together;

  • Provide a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum;

  • Nurture children’s self-esteem where they feel valued and respected so that they can accept others whose ideas and beliefs are different from their own;

  • Develop in our children an open-mindedness about the world and the confidence and ability to think, question, observe and make wise decisions;

  • Help children to develop personally, spiritually and socially, recognising the importance of self-fulfilment, irrespective of ability;

  • Strive continuously for improvement by having high expectations and through active, cooperative and independent learning, as well as through high-quality teaching enhanced by effective staff development;

  • Promote a supportive, respectful partnership between school, home, the local and wider community.

Fundamental Ethos

All children are welcome and every child matters. The diversity which exists in Millennium contributes to the overall learning experience for children and staff alike.

We are fully committed to:

  • Continuing professional development for all our staff;

  • Understanding how learning develops;

  • Creating a learning culture;

  • Preparing our children for tomorrow.

We will achieve this:

  • Through delivering a first-class education for all our children;

  • By having a clear, strategic School Development Plan;

  • By having motivated and happy learners.

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